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Female leaders are great for business, but they’re still not being promoted or funded on pace with their male peers. EWF International commits to helping change that. For over 20 years, EWF has provided peer advisory forums & leadership development programming for women at all career stages.

Dallas Female-Owned Business Owners & COVID-19: Their struggles and adaptation

COVID-19 has brought immense devastation to people around the world with business owners being one of the hardest-hit groups. Especially female-owned businesses. Active US business ownership between February and April saw a 22% drop, according to a June piece from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). The largest on record, the 3.3 million decrease ...

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10 Questions to Ask to Find a Good Mentor

Are you interested in career advancement? General resources are great, but they can’t replace the effect of expert human feedback and coaching. One of the best ways to gain this resource is by finding a mentor. It can be a significant factor to improving diversity in leadership. According to a 2019 study from Leanin.org, 1 ...

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