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Female leaders are great for business, but they’re still not being promoted or funded on pace with their male peers. EWF International commits to helping change that. For over 20 years, EWF has provided peer advisory forums & leadership development programming for women at all career stages.

Inclusive Leadership: How Leaders Can Improve Inclusivity At All Organizational Levels

We have terms like the glass ceiling and broken rung that illustrate the existence of barriers between an organization's diverse makeup and leadership positions—the more senior the leadership, the more homogenous the composition. In contrast, the lower levels of organizations are changing fast. Organizations have never been more diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, ...

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4 Conflict Resolution Techniques to Improve Your Leadership

Workplace conflict happens and is often inevitable. If resolved promptly, conflict can be productive and help a team be more effective at working together. However, minor disagreements left unresolved can ripple out negative energy to the rest of your team and organization. More than being a tense work environment, your team's productivity and effectiveness will ...

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Career Advice for Women Starting a New Executive Job

As an experienced senior leader and a new female executive, you are always looking for ways to improve your ability, leadership skills, and effectiveness. EWF International's mission is to improve workplace gender parity, especially the effectiveness and representation of women in senior leadership positions. We assembled this career advice for new executives to support you ...

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Emotional Resilience: The Attribute Helping Women Leaders Stand Out

The past year has been an unprecedented time of uncertainty. The year has seen a boisterous US election season, civil rights protests, rampaging wildfires, stock market shenanigans, and a global pandemic. It has been a long string of stressful months that have taken a toll, leaving people overextended. And in that time, stories continue to ...

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How Peer Advisory Forums Make You a Better Leader

Being an influential, effective woman executive requires you to take your career’s training, your accrued knowledge, and turn it into an engine for strategic decision-making. Now imagine, instead of one engine, you had a dozen of these highly-honed engines to confront your organization’s challenges. That is how peer advisory forums make you a better leader. ...

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How the Pandemic Can Hone Your Leadership Skills

You've heard the adage, "adversity builds character" or "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." The COVID-19 pandemic brings the underlying meaning of those adages to the forefront of company leadership. We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty. And uncertainty puts your leadership skills to the test. The experiences you've had in the ...

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Set Your Career Goals Now and Achieve Success in 2021

What’s your career dream for 2021? Everyone’s career dream looks different. A business owner’s dream will look different than a CEO’s dream, which will look different than a manager’s career dream. The first step to making your career dream comes true is turning your dream into achievable 2021 career goals. Read on to learn how ...

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5 Common Job Search Mistakes Women Make

How is your job search going? Rarely is the move from one job to another a straight line. A job search can often feel tedious, frustrating, and sometimes like you’re running in circles. All of this can have a negative effect on your psyche. Unfortunately, formal education provides little preparation for the real world skill ...

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