With an increasingly remote, diverse, and uncertain workplace, executives and senior leaders face unprecedented challenges. In this changing environment, traditional leadership training no longer hits the mark.

Impactful leadership requires both head and heart. We’ve built our programs around the intersection of both. Designed exclusively for senior and executive leaders, these workshops help leaders better understand themselves and their leadership style, explore their challenges, and strengthen their ability to drive impacts for themselves and their organizations – while meeting the evolving challenges of tomorrow.


Banishing Burnout

Burnout is one of the greatest threats to organizations today – and it’s disproportionately affecting high- performers. Burnout isn’t just an individual problem – it’s a warning sign that can point to challenges with organizational structure, culture and team dynamics.

In this interactive workshop series, we explore the science and research behind what burnout is and why it happens. Then we turn our attention to why high-performers are at particular risk and look at burnout’s internal and external causes. Finally, we guide leaders through strategies proven to help identify, mitigate, relieve, and even prevent it – in their own lives, their teams, and across their organizations.

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Virtual or distributed workforces, burnout, staff turnover, lingering uncertainty. Today’s leaders are faced with a world seemingly designed to weaken trust and erode healthy team dynamics.

The ability to build trust is a crucial leadership discipline – one that’s as necessary as financial management or strategic acumen. Without it, leaders cannot effectively navigate our changing world.

This workshop focuses on what we call “The Four Corners of Trust” – practical, actionable ways to build and sustain trust between individuals, within teams, and across divisions. Leaders walk away with concrete action items and strategies to help make them more impactful, and their teams more resilient.

An excellent companion workshop to “Banishing Burnout”, as it provides concrete and actionable ways for leaders to tackle burnout in themselves and their teams by focusing on building trust.

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) skills are the foundation of effective leadership. Without the strong ability to understand themselves, manage their emotions, build trust, or practice empathy, leaders run the risk of unintentionally creating toxic work environments, driving staff turnover, or burning themselves out.

High-EQ leaders foster emotional and psychological safety and belonging in their teams, resulting in higher retention rates and workplace satisfaction. These leaders outperform their competition in efficiency, innovation, financial performance, and growth.

We focus on understanding and practicing the 5 capabilities of Emotional Intelligence (EQ):
· Self-awareness
· Self- regulation
· Motivation
· Social skills
· Empathy

Designed to be engaging, insightful, and impactful, this workshop teaches leaders how to build trust, motivate and influence teams, and be a high-EQ leader without emotionally exhausting themselves.

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Building resilience in teams and organizations is the difference between a good leader and a great one. But recognizing and building personal resilience and overcoming negative, often subconscious narratives is not always easy.

Starting with the skillsets required for personal resilience, our building resilience executive workshop helps you identify and tackle destructive cognitive biases by adopting a growth mindset. We then explore practical ways to apply those skillsets to teams, including:
· Building trust
· Clarifying expectations and assumptions
· Interrupting the “blame and shame spiral”
· Overcoming toxic heroism and burnout

In addition to executive work, our companion and stand-alone senior leadership development workshops show how fostering a growth mindset and healthy culture builds resilience in your teams.

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Leaders face complex pressures in all areas of their lives – at work, at home, and in their communities. To avoid burnout, drive more impact, and achieve their goals, they must deeply understand their own strengths, gaps, and reactions to those stressors.

The Lumina Spark® Leadership Assessment and workshop allows leadership to understand themselves, their leadership superpowers, their potential blind spots, and their reactions to stress more deeply.

This leadership workshop includes the 45-page Lumina Spark® report that digs deep into critical insights, strong points, and risk factors for your leadership. You will learn practical ways to strengthen rapport, communicate more effectively, and resolve conflicts between people and teams.

These are competencies crucial for inclusive, effective leadership in twenty-first-century America.

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Senior and executive leaders face unprecedented challenges due to the changing attitudes of a post-pandemic workforce. At this level, traditional training is insufficient to adapt to the shifting trends of the “new normal.”

Now, it’s about embracing a more strategic and impactful approach – quickly. Today’s leadership must focus on managing hybrid work models, more effectively engaging employees, and dealing with lingering uncertainty.

EWF can work with clients to identify pressing gaps and pain points with their leaders and custom-build sessions to address them in real time. This helps companies stay nimble in a time of unprecedented change.

We help you focus on building and sharpening the complex skill sets needed to make you a more effective and strategically impactful leader.

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