Our leadership keynote speakers use their expertise and experience to present insight on current and highly suitable topics. Examples include innovation, culture and peak performance, collaboration, agility, and other relevant subjects.

EWF International experts tailor talks and topic discussions for different levels of leadership audiences to ensure the topic stays relevant and impactful for your group. We offer formal speaking events, discussion panels, and fireside chats for diverse audiences. We can create specialized talks and discussions, such as a female leadership panel, upon request.

EWF designs Conference Keynotes, Fireside Chats, and Panel Discussions that are inspirational, engaging, and applicable. In-person and virtual formats are available, and we offer seasoned professional facilitators, subject matter experts, and speakers on specialized topics.



Known for her insightfulness, candor, and humor, Jennifer Carter specializes in building transformational leaders who can face tomorrow’s challenges. She’s a proven expert in transformation and leadership development, which is a fancy way of saying that she’s an expert at helping people do things that are new, hard, and scary.

Jennifer leads EWF International, a leadership development company dedicated to increasing the number of women in business leadership and helping companies change the face of leadership for the next three generations, creating transformational leaders
who are more high-trust, emotionally intelligent, and inclusive.

Jennifer is a writer and frequent speaker on building trust in teams, overcoming burnout as leaders and within teams, emotional intelligence, inclusive leadership, women in business, career navigation, and business culture transformation.

The Black Hole of Usefulness

Burnout isn’t simply an individual struggle – it’s a symptom of a broken system. As leaders, we must re-examine the assumptions we’ve made about what it means to lead, to make impacts, to be valued and worthy.

We can no longer “set ourselves on fire to keep other people warm.” The costs of doing so are simply too high.

Engaging, funny, and sometimes vulnerable, this keynote explores what’s really behind burnout and perform-at-all-costs achievement – while reminding audiences of their implicit and undeniable value as humans.

Finding a Worthy Dragon

How does it feel to find your work meaningful? How do you figure out what matters both personally and professionally, and how do you create a plan to find it?

“Finding a Worthy Dragon” explores how our sense of worth and meaning impacts how we succeed in – or sabotage – our careers.

Filled with humor, real-world tools, and with a dash of vulnerability, this session consistently challenges and energizes audiences to take control of their careers, overcome both internal and external barriers, and succeed for all they’re worth.


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