Being an influential, effective woman executive requires you to take your career’s training, your accrued knowledge, and turn it into an engine for strategic decision-making. Now imagine, instead of one engine, you had a dozen of these highly-honed engines to confront your organization’s challenges. That is how peer advisory forums make you a better leader.

Peer Advisory Forums Offer Executive Leader Collaboration

Reaching the executive level, especially as a woman, can create a feeling of isolation. It’s important to have a group of peers to support you and remind you that your journey is just one of many parallel journeys being walked by executive women. However, a peer advisory group with EWF International is more than a professional network, it’s about building your own personal advisory board.  

Peer Advisory Forums as Your Personal Guide

Because a peer advisory group is comprised of other women executives they can share experience and expertise from their own journey. You can benefit from the lessons, insights, and strategies of those who relate to your position’s specific challenges. Moreover, learning from the real-world experience of your peer advisory group can help you avoid the pitfalls and setbacks they experienced firsthand on their journeys.

Provide Ongoing Accountability

Being a part of a peer advisory group like EWF International’s peer advisory forums provides more than just blanket advice and upfront instruction. Together, you will develop strategic action plans to meet your challenges head on. Your peer advisory group will then hold you accountable for implementing actionable tasks and providing status updates on your strategic action plan. The group will also help you alter and revise your plan as situations within your organization evolve. 

Strengthen Common Challenge Response

Not all executive challenges are individual. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic faced executives across the world with similar issues. As part of a peer advisory forum you are able to leverage the combined strength of your group’s strategic planning and critical decision-making skills to address fundamental challenges to your group as they arise. This creates for you the ability to develop plans and make informed decisions with acuity you would not have solo.

Peer Advisory Forums Dig Deep

Unlike a networking group or informal group, peer advisory forums like those with EWF International are led by professional moderators. Professional moderation guarantees your opportunities as well as your challenges find their time in front of your peers. Moderators provide guidance, structure, and ask engaging questions to help you and your peers dig deep into topics. This ensures your challenges are well understood by your peers so their feedback and advisement is incisive and insightful, so your actions and decisions are just as sharp and effective. EWF has a facilitated methodology proven over 20 years to produce real world results for Forum members.

Become Part of EWF International’s Peer Advisory Forums

EWF International’s peer advisory forums place you with other strong, women executives from non-competing industries. Your peer advisory group will hone your critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills. They will also be there to share your successes, your failures, and provide the opportunity to learn, share, and grow with your peers. Learn more about EWF International’s Peer Advisory Forum for Women Executives.

In addition to executive women forums, EWF International offers leadership development opportunities for up-and-coming career women. Build your organization’s strength and leadership diversity by sponsoring their leadership development. See if EWF International’s Emerging Leaders Program is right for the up-and-coming career woman in your organization.