As the days tick away towards the end of 2020 you may be struggling for gift ideas for the special career woman in your life. To help you, EWF International has put together a few holiday gift recommendations the career woman in your life is sure to enjoy. Perfect for anyone looking to do a little last minute shopping this holiday season.

Local and Woman-owned Holiday Shopping 

This year has been difficult for businesses, especially local businesses. Shopping for gifts at local businesses will help you find a gift idea for that special someone in your life that is unique and not available on Amazon. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s Women Owned Initiative is a great resource to help you find gift ideas from local, woman-owned businesses to support with your holiday shopping. 

Acknowledge and Share Gratitude

People love getting gifts, but we also love hearing how we made a positive impact in someone’s life. This holiday season think of how that special someone made an impact in your life this year. Maybe something they said, did, or contributed to your career or business in a meaningful way. A handwritten letter acknowledging their impact with your heartfelt gratitude can be the greatest gift of all. 

Interested in sharing gratitude with your team or coworkers? See EWF International’s The Giving of Gifts exercise.

Better Food for Busy Women

Do you know a career woman in your life who often runs out of dinner options and has to resort to carry out, delivery, or the drive-thru? Many meal subscription services offer gift meal options for their members. Send that special someone a box full of simple meals with all the ingredients portion prepared or ready to eat. A great alternative to twice-weekly Thai takeout. 

Make sure to take any food allergies into consideration.

Be Charitable

The holidays are a great time to spread a little generosity and good cheer. That’s especially true for a challenging year like 2020. Many people could benefit from our generosity this year. Consider showing your appreciation for that special someone by donating in their name to a local charitable organization. Send them a note letting them know about the donation and why you chose the specific charitable organization. If you don’t know their favorite charity, ask them which organizations they like to support. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it a surprise or not.

Thoughtful and Useful Gift Ideas

If you are sending out gifts to partners and clients you are likely shopping for branded gifts. If you are looking to send out gifts stamped with your logo, spend some time thinking about gifts that people will want to keep and use repeatedly. Many branded items can be chintzy, which is not what you want associated with your brand. Instead, look for items that are relevant, useful, and sturdy that people will want to use. For example, a wireless charging puck, phone sanitizer, or something else.

PS. If you are going to shop for branded items, look for a local women-owned promotional company.

Safe Experiences

Entertainment has changed to accommodate our more virtual needs. That means there are now more virtual entertainment options to have online fun than ever before. Look for some unique and safe experiences to gift to that special someone. There are virtual opportunities for even traditionally in-person experiences like cooking classes, concerts, and wine tasting events. You may be surprised by the diversity of virtual experiences available as gift ideas.

A Good Book

It may seem cliche, but with more people spending time at home there’s never been a better time to dive into a good book. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, consider gifting a book to that special someone so they can curl up with a good read. Rather than gift the current New York Times Bestseller, make it a more meaningful gift with a personal recommendation and a note about why you recommend the book.

Career Investment Gift Ideas

Another gift idea for the career woman in your life is to sponsor her in a training course, educational course, or career advancement program. Ask if there is a specific skill or experience they have been wanting to explore, but just haven’t had the opportunity. This isn’t the right gift for everyone, but it could be the perfect gift for the driven career woman in your life.

The Gift of Advice and Advancement with EWF International

EWF International offers women more than gift ideas. Our offerings can help you become your best and support women at every stage of their career journey. We facilitate professional peer advisory forums for business owners and executives. EWF International also offers personal career coaching and Emerging Leaders program for women seeking the next step in their career journey.