Career and Business Coaching Services that build individual strengths and power your success

Great coaching improves performance, heightens self-awareness, develops skills and talents, and grows careers. Our expert coaches combine insightful feedback with accountability to help you accomplish your goals, no matter what they are.

Whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or promotion, developing your team, or growing your business, our business coaching services can help you get it done.

Executive Coaching Services

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Coaching for Business Owners

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Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching drives employee engagement, builds the leadership pipeline and improves individual performance. Studies show that a strong coaching culture is tied directly to higher revenues, suggesting strong ROI.

Heighten self-awareness

Our coaches use assessments like Lumina Spark®, one-on-one sessions and proven techniques to help you zero in on your unique strengths and gifts as well as uncover blind spots that can derail your success.

Improve Leadership Abilities

Coaching empowers leaders to do their best work. Whether it’s acting as a sounding board to challenge thinking, providing a safe environment to get underneath challenges, or elevating leadership skills, our expert coaches are focused on driving outcomes.

Pair authenticity with impact

Feeling stuck? Our coaches are accountability partners who can help you get “unstuck” while feeling supported and empowered. Get clarity on the path forward and support for thorny issues.

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Career Coaching for Women

Are you wanting to decide “what’s next” for you?  Whether you are in transition, seeking your next position, or evaluating your next promotion opportunity, EWF career coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Finding a new position or aiming for that next promotion takes a focused strategy.  Working with a career coach can help you develop your value proposition based on your unique talents, skills and abilities.  A coach can help you develop a roadmap to reach your objective.

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career coaching for women

Define your Superpower

To get ahead, you need to understand your unique gifts – and how they add business value. Your career coach will help you identify your “superpower” and understand how to craft compelling messaging around it.

Get noticed in a job hunt

In a sea of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, learn how to showcase your own experience and expertise to stand out from the crowd. Develop how to articulate your understanding and relevance for the role to which you are applying.

Define success – on your terms

Do you know what you want, through all the seasons of your life? Your coach will help you to define what you want and build a roadmap to achieve it.  And when you land that opportunity, she can equip you to negotiate for what you’re actually worth.

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Coaching for Business Owners

Trapped working IN your business rather than ON your business? Our business coaches help clients prioritize where and how to build their businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

Financial analysis and cashflow

Cashflow is the life’s blood of any business. And yet many business owners are intimidated by the financials. Our coaches help you find strategies and tools to conquer financial fear while unlocking cash in your business.

Organizational structure and processes

Do you know how to structure your business to grow? A business coach can help you build the right structure, implement best practices, and optimize operations – especially when you’re not there.

Employee performance and engagement

Your staff is one of your key assets, and you need them pulling in the same direction. Your coach can assist with establishing the right programs, processes, and communications to keep your team productive and engaged.

Are you serious about taking your business to the next level?  Inquire about our business coaching services.

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Additional support

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Corporate Programs

Whether you’re focused on career transition, performance improvement for your team, or your own professional growth and development, our business coaching services can help.

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