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Tanis is CEO of EWF International, a certified Lumina Learning practitioner, accredited executive coach, writer and frequent public speaker on business growth, leadership and women’s career issues. She brings over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, executive management, sales and alliance management, brand management, marketing and communications, change management, entrepreneurship, leadership coaching, and professional facilitation.
CEO, EWF International

Building Professional Influence Virtually

Building influence is vital to unlocking career opportunities. It involves 4 main areas: 1) forging meaningful relationships with coworkers, 2) collaborating well and often, 3) managing the organization’s perception of you and your work, and 4) developing insight into the broader business and business community. Informal relationships outside the chain of command often determine what ...

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Mastering the Delegation Dilemma: 3 Steps Toward Letting Go

How many hours are in your day? It seems like a silly question, but it’s common for entrepreneurs and business leaders to act like they have more hours in a day than everyone else. They take on too much, hoarding tasks and information until they become a bottleneck for their company. Until their growth grinds ...

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The Power of Standing Still: Are You Making Time to Think?

I recently happened to catch an interview that Dan Rather was doing with Billy Ray Cyrus.  Billy Ray said that one his dad's greatest lessons to him was this:  “If you don’t know what to do, stand still.” That’s not only a good lesson in life – it’s a great lesson in business. Many years ...

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April 2018: Letter from the CEO

Welcome to the newly relaunched EWF International newsletter! I'm thrilled to announce that long-time EWF Dallas Forum member Jennifer Carter and I have acquired EWF International and are in the process of relaunching it to even greater heights. That means a stronger brand and website, insightful newsletters, engaging events,  and more ways to equip and ...

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Engaging Men in the Gender Equality Conversation

I recently had the pleasure of serving on a panel of executive women at a recent conference of the Telecommunications Industry Association held in Dallas. The purpose of the panel was to discuss the need for greater gender diversity in the telecom industry and the panel took place as part of the closing event of ...

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Mentorship: Top 10 Take-Aways

Three accomplished Dallas women executives discussed what it means to both have and be a great mentor at the recent EWF Dallas annual leadership breakfast.  They also shared insights into their own career journeys and sparked a lively panel discussion.  As women rise to more senior levels, whether as a business owner or corporate executive, "giving back" ...

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“Know Thyself” to Stay in the Zone

Are you in a role that puts you "in the zone"? Having worked with hundreds of co-workers, EWF Forum members, and coaching clients it’s become abundantly clear to me that those leaders who consistently excel are in a role that “brings out the best of themselves”. It’s like an athlete who is “in the zone”, ...

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