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Support, Resources and Diverse Perspectives for Female Business Owners

Female founders who are part of a structured business community are twice as likely to forecast growth for their businesses, compared to those who are not. EWF provides the needed resources for female business owners to take their business to new heights.

Don’t go it alone. EWF brings together accomplished founders, owners, executives, and experts to help companies grow and scale, driving great outcomes for everyone.


Peer Advisory Board for Women Women Entrepreneurs

Peer advisory forums with like-minded female business leaders

Insightful and relaxing annual retreats to help you grow and recharge

Continuing education to help you grow and scale your business

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Internal Leadership Development Programming

Support and structure for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Custom Development Workshops

Turn-key Leadership Development Programs and Training

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coaching for women business owners

Invest In Your Staff

custom workshops for women in business

Executive Forums

Foundry Programming for early- and mid-career women

One-on-One Personalized Coaching

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“Whenever we’re strategizing with another member, I learn so much that helps me in my business. Even though she may be presenting about an issue in her business – which may be very different from mine – what I’m learning through the structured process we go through in the forum is how to better solve problems in my own business.”

EWF-International-Business-Owners-Coaching-Jolene-RischJolene Risch, President & Founder, Risch Results

“The Forum was extremely helpful for both me personally and professionally. It gave me confidence, different perspectives, resources and education on how to run my business. You’re with other women business leaders who share common issues and challenges, and I always walked away with different perspectives and insights on issues I’m facing or the opportunities I’m pursuing. And that has tremendous value in making better business decisions.”

EWF-International-Business-Owners-Coaching-Kelly-SmithKelly Smith, Managing Member, All Tech Electric

“The Forum’s been a great resource to help me grow my business. Since I joined several years ago, my business has experienced exponential growth of 300% or more. It’s been very helpful to have such a supportive group give me insight and point out those areas where I might have blind spots and opportunities I might’ve missed.”

EWF-International-Business-Owners-Coaching-Valerie-JimenezValerie Jimenez, CEO, Bold Entity

Growing a business can be lonely, chaotic work. EWF’s programs for Female Business Owners are designed to give you the resources, support, and expertise to help you take your business to new heights.

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