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Leadership Development Programs to Equip and Empower Your Leaders at All Levels

Companies with diverse leadership crush the competition. We provide leadership development programs, resources and communities to help your talent elevate their careers and continue to deliver results for your company.

Leadership Development Training and Programs for Women in Executive Leadership

Executive Forums

Join other accomplished women executives in a confidential, non-compete environment built to provide authentic support, deliver clarity, and improve impact.

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Results and Accountability

Drive business performance, make more strategic decisions, leverage the expertise in the room to maximize your success. Accountability without turf battles or politics, designed to help you achieve your goals.

Authenticity and Collaboration

A collaborative environment built on transparency and trust. Strict confidentiality ensures that conversations go deep, to what’s really going on.

Real-time, Real-world Problem Solving

Address pressing issues, take actionable next steps, and have real conversations about deep challenges in a supportive, authentic environment.

Leadership Development Training and Programs for Women in Early and Mid-Career

FOUNDRY PROGRAMS for Early- and Mid-Career Women

The Executive Women’s Foundry leadership training program was designed to help companies address the “broken rungs” of female promotion. Whether it’s preparing tomorrow’s executives or investing in high potentials and high performers, the Foundry is here to help.

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Emerging Leaders Program

Focusing on self-awareness, career navigation, and building strategic, financial, and business acumen, the Emerging Leaders Program is perfect for individual contributors and early managers looking to advance, and more seasoned leaders looking for a refresher.

Catalyst Program

Designed to help seasoned women professionals prepare for more senior executive leadership, the Catalyst program focuses on more sophisticated strategic, financial, political, and cultural forces that help leaders deliver real business results.

Managers and Directors Forum

Built for senior managers and directors, these peer advisory forums bring together mid-career women and provide authentic support, clarity, and impact in a confidential, non-compete environment. Purpose-built to sharpen strategic decision-making and acumen in rising leaders.

Leadership Development Training and Programs - Coaching Services and Team Building

Coaching and Team Building

Get customized, one-on-one coaching to target specific growth opportunities. Build leaders at every level with insightful, strategic feedback and accountability built right in.

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Executive Coaching

Strengthen your senior leaders with executive coaching. Our seasoned, experienced coaches are focused on building leadership and delivering results.

Career Coaching

Invest in tomorrow’s leaders to build your leadership pipeline with targeted career coaching. Our career coaches are experts at helping rising leaders build strong leadership and strategic capacity, zero in on what they want, and chart a path to get there.

Team Building / Coaching

Our professional coaches use tools like Lumina Spark® to help companies improve team dynamics, encourage clearer communication, and increase team performance.

Our leadership development programs help organizations develop the next generation of diverse leaders through every stage of their careers.

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