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Leadership Development Programming to Build Your Pipeline

Companies with diverse leadership crush the competition. We help you develop leaders and teams to sharpen your competitive edge.

Whether it’s to supplement your existing development materials or bring in fresh learning, we’re focused on helping you develop the next generation of diverse leaders, no matter who they are.

Support and Structure for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Turn-key Leadership Development Programs and Training

Custom Facilitation and Speaking

employee resource groups

support and structure for employee resource groups (ergs)

Well-intentioned and increasingly common, ERGs need deliberate structure, effective leadership, and actionable content to be impactful. We’re experts at helping companies provide actionable, engaging content and experiences that help them meet their company’s goals while supporting their female employees and allies.

Lunch-and-learns and special events

Our speakers are experts at engaging participants through storytelling, interactive exercises, and actionable insights. We speak on a number of business and career navigation topics and are happy to customize content for your event, employee breakfast, or lunch-and-learn.

Targeted workshops and development days

We work with you to select or design compelling content that’s in line with your company’s specific goals. Whether half-day, full-day, or multi-day, we focus on what will drive the most impact for your organization.

Quarterly or yearly programs

Customized for maximum engagement, variety, and impact, we can build a quarterly or yearly program that includes workshops, panel discussions, lunch-and-learns and/or development days – all tied to your company’s goals.

Explore how our ERG support can help drive success for your company

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turnkey leadership development programs

Turn-key Leadership Development Programs and Training

Studies show that more than half of all managers have never received leadership training. This contributes to what’s called the “broken rung” – or the low promotion rates of women into management roles. It also contributes to “mini-me” promotion for both men and women, or the tendency of new managers to promote those who are most like them. Both hurt company performance. We can help.

Leadership Development and Training Focused on Impact

We work with you to understand your company’s goals, challenges and opportunities so we can focus on the most impactful development and training.

Flexible cadence

Whether it’s quarterly touches or monthly sessions, we craft programs that include bridgework and resources that cement learnings between sessions.

Open to all

While we’re experts at helping companies develop female talent, we don’t focus exclusively on women. Most of our corporate programs are open to all, facilitating understanding and engagement on vital topics across your teams.

Learn more about how we can help you maximize your development dollars to drive company success

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custom facilitation and speaking

Custom Facilitation and Speaking

We’re experts at delivering experiences that are impactful, not boring. No audience yawning here – let us help you deliver at your next conference, strategic offsite, team building or other events.

Lunch and Learn Events

We work with you to select and/or design the most impactful topics and formats to elevate your company’s lunch and learns.

Keynotes at Corporate Events

Our professional speakers are experts at entertaining, engaging, and empowering audiences at corporate events large and small. We’ve worked with industry associations, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, local organizations, non-profits, national conferences, and many more.

Panel and Training Facilitation

Facilitators can make or break a panel discussion. Our professional facilitators are experts at helping companies craft the right questions, select speakers, and keep the conversation moving for maximum impact.

Hire us for your next corporate event or speaking engagement

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Additional support

corporate programs for women in business
Invest in your staff
woman to woman coaching
Personalized Coaching

We have over 20 years’ experience helping women – and their companies – deliver results and be more extraordinary. Whatever you’re building, we can help.

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