Executive Women’s Foundry Catalyst Program

Staring down the glass ceiling? The Catalyst Program builds on proven tools, strategies, and skills to help seasoned women professionals take their careers to new heights.

Foundry Catalyst Program: Program Overview

An intensive combination of lecture, discussion, assessments, workshops, and one-on-one executive coaching, the Catalyst program helps you navigate and master more sophisticated strategic, financial, political, and cultural forces that help you deliver real business results.

  • The Program includes 6 intensive half-day curriculum-based sessions across 6 months, bridgework, practicums, and one-on-one executive coaching.

  • Participants move from focusing on functional and applied competencies into a more sophisticated and broader business management mindset

  • Participants undergo a Lumina™ psychometric assessment focused on greater awareness of leadership strengths and gaps and developing emotional intelligence. These principles are reinforced throughout the program to help participants better understand themselves, read their peers and leadership, and develop tools for being – and building – more emotionally intelligence leaders in their organizations

  • We emphasize strategic business and financial competencies, impactful leadership styles, compelling communication skills, building executive influence, and high-integrity, high-stakes political navigation

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Foundry Catalyst Program: Program Curriculum

  • Design / Systems thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Building effective execution plans
  • MBOs and KPIs
  • Financial Drivers
  • Key metrics and ratios
  • Financial objectives
  • Being a high-EQ leader and building high EQ teams
  • Building organizational capacity for resilience
  • Self-awareness
  • Mapping organizational culture
  • Culture transformations
  • Managing culture
  • Compelling communication strategies
  • Managing through change
  • Cultivating Executive Presence
  • Perceptual challenges
  • Navigating boardroom politics
  • Fostering cooperation between functions and Executives

Specific curriculum is subject to change

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Foundry Catalyst Program: FAQs

foundry 101
The Foundry Catalyst program is designed for women who are in middle management roles looking to enter executive management. Depending on company size, these will typically be Senior Manager, Director / Senior Director, or Principal roles, though we recognize titles vary. This requirement is more about span of control and experience rather than title.

Individual contributors and first-time managers are not a good fit for this program; we recommend Emerging Leaders for women in earlier career stages. We recommend that participants complete the Emerging Leaders Program first, although this is not required.

The Catalyst Program is 6 months long. It includes:

  • 6 half-day face-to-face workshop intensives
  • Bridgework between sessions to solidify learning
  • 6 one-on-one sessions with an executive coach
  • Lumina® psychometric leadership/emotional intelligence assessment

We’re currently accepting applications for this program. All qualified applicants will be registered on the waitlist ahead of this program’s launch. Those on the waiting list will get first access to seats in the first cohort of this program.

Per individual: $7,500, payable annually or quarterly

For companies looking to register two or more women in Foundry Programs, we offer a discounted rate.

Cost includes all required course materials for sessions, Lumina® psychometric assessment, lunch on meeting days, and 6 one-on-one sessions with an executive coach.

The vast majority of Foundry Program participants are sponsored by their companies. For tips on how to get your company to invest in your leadership development, check out this primer.

We’re currently accepting applications for this program. All qualified applicants will be registered on the waitlist ahead of this program’s launch. Those on the waiting list will get first access to seats in the first cohort of this program.

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Foundry Catalyst Program Registration

Apply today to secure your spot on the waitlist for this already popular program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your career to the next level!

Simply fill out the application below to be considered for this premier program. Our classes are limited, so don’t delay.

What is the ROI of the program?

For Program Attendees

  • Shatter the glass ceiling
    Master more sophisticated strategic, financial, political and cultural forces to demonstrate executive acumen and get promoted

  • Personal and political savvy
    Confidently navigate the high-stakes political landscape with high integrity and greater influence

  • Increase strategic impact
    Level up your strategic, business, financial, political, and cultural skills to drive exponential impact

For Companies

  • Balanced bench
    Identify, develop, and retain trusted and seasoned talent to fill executive roles and drive leadership diversity

  • Hiring advantage
    Position your organization as a female-empowering workplace, giving you an edge in a tight talent market

  • Improved performance
    Expand leadership competence, acumen, and diversity to build a resilient, adaptable, and empowered organization

“One of my biggest takeaways from Foundry programs is how intentional I have to be about navigating the corporate landscape if I want to achieve my goal of reaching the C-Suite. About halfway through the program, I began navigating a job promotion, and the information learned in the class was instrumental in helping me to negotiate that promotion successfully.”

molly smith - foundry leadership training programMolly Smith, Vice President, Customer Success, TrinTech

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EWF International is passionate about supporting women in business. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of our Foundry Catalyst Program.

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