Custom Facilitation and Speaking

We’re experts at delivering experiences that are impactful, not boring. No audience yawning here – let us help you deliver at your next conference, strategic offsite, team building or other events.

From small groups to auditoriums and everything in between, we know how to engage your audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Lunch and Learn Events

Keynotes at Corporate Events

Panel and Training Facilitation

custom facilitation and speaking for lunch and learn events

lunch and learn events

We work with you to select and/or design the most impactful topics and formats to elevate your company’s lunch and learns.

Tailored for your audiences

We focus on who’s in the room, and what outcomes you’d like to drive. This approach helps us deliver real business value.

Variety of formats

Whether it’s a keynote style, hands-on workshop, or a panel discussion, we know how to help you craft the best experience for your organization.

Current and relevant content

From tried-and-true business content to more emerging topics, we work hard to stay current and relevant so you can, too.

Let us help you make your lunch and learns as impactful as they can be

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keynote speakers for corporate events

Keynotes at Corporate Events

Our professional speakers are experts at entertaining, engaging, and empowering audiences at corporate events large and small. We’ve worked with industry associations, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, local organizations, non-profits, national conferences, and many more.

Storytelling First

Boring content can’t be impactful content. We start with storytelling to engage audiences emotionally to keep their attention and open them up to insights.

Focus on what is actionable

It’s not enough to entertain – we want audiences to take what they learn and act on it. We focus on  what you want the audience to think do, and feel at the end of the session, and work from there.

A variety of topics

We speak on a number of business and career navigation topics and are happy to customize content to fit the theme or purpose of your event.

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panel facilitation for gender parity and other women leadership events

Panel and Training Facilitation

Facilitators can make or break a panel discussion. Our professional facilitators are experts at helping companies craft the right questions, select speakers, and keep the conversation moving for maximum impact.

Varying levels of support

Whether you need help building and designing your panel or simply need a moderator, we can help you craft the right panel, discussion, and experience for your event – or simply deliver what you’ve created.

Keep the conversation moving

Creating an “effortless” panel discussion requires plenty of expertise and effort behind the scenes. We’re experts at keeping things flowing and the audience engaged.

Focused topics and experiences

We can use assessments like Lumina Spark® to customize team experiences and panels, helping you build more cohesive, effective teams.

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Engage, educate and excite your audiences by booking one of our professional speakers for your next event.

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