Dear EWF Community and Supporters,

2019 was a big year for EWF International, and we have you to thank for it. Here’s an overview of our 2019 journey, plus a sneak peek of what’s coming in 2020.

Celebrating 20 years of EWF International

It was thrilling to have so many of you join us for our sold-out (!) 20th anniversary luncheon. We heard from allies Sherif Mityas, Arjun Dugal, and Tom Foley about why they’re so invested in gender parity in their organizations, explored what works, and identified some obstacles yet to overcome. We also paused to reflect on EWF’s 20 year history and celebrate EWF CEO Tanis Cornell’s decades of service in the DFW business community.

It was both engaging and impactful. We know of 2 participants who landed new jobs from connections made at the luncheon, and of 3 business deals closed at or shortly thereafter!

We won’t soon forget what it was like to stand at the podium and see so many committed supporters. It showed us what is possible. And it also highlighted work left to do.

Special shout-out to our female-owned, female-led, and female-friendly vendors for that event:

Coming in 2020: New partnerships and collaborations to focus on inclusion and intersectionality in our community and curriculums, and building toward an expansion into Austin – helmed by our CEO, Tanis Cornell.

Behind-the-Scenes Intelligence Gathering

Our content has to be actionable and impactful, not just sound good. So we listened a lot in 2019 – to women at every career stage, executives in companies wanting to grow their bench of talented female leaders, and executives in companies who weren’t yet on board. That’s helped sharpen our focus for 2020 to those topics, curriculums, resources, and support that will move the needle.

We also built a powerhouse Advisory Board: Brenda Boehm, Heather Capps, Valerie Freeman, Toni Portmann, Jeannine Sandstrom, Neelu Sethi, Nancy Shemwell, Trude VanHorn, Catherine Walsh, and Gail Warrior. We’ll be featuring more on them in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Coming in 2020: Learning from and listening to more diverse communities to deepen our understanding and engagement for everyone.

Leadership Development, Supercharged

We sharpened our curriculum and launched cohort 4 of Emerging Leaders in April. It included nearly 30 powerhouse women representing nearly two dozen companies. Almost 25% of the class has already negotiated new salaries or roles, and the course isn’t even over yet.

Coming in 2020: The launch of the Executive Women’s Foundry, a leadership accelerator focused on helping women be more successful, promotable, and impactful in their careers. We’re adding even more programming and experiences to elevate the careers of ambitious women and the companies they’re growing. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

If you want to get in on the greatness now, registration for cohort 5 of Emerging Leaders, which launches April 2020, is now open. Register here. Seats fill fast, so don’t wait to take control of your career!

Speaking – and Speaking Up

We had more opportunity than ever before to share our stories, insights, and resources than ever before. We spoke and taught at companies like Flowserve and Southwest, and events for Women’s Finance Exchange (WFE), Dallas Chamber’s Executive Women’s Roundtable, the Women in Insurance Conference, Women’s Business Council of Southwest, Richardson Chamber’s Women in Leadership Luncheon, Dream Team Women’s Network – just to name a few. We supported women in technology and technological innovation through alliances with DFW Alliance of Technology and Women (DFWATW) and Tech Titans, and were thrilled to be invited to teach a session about the business case for gender parity for the  IoT Slam conference (check that out here!). And we deepened our relationship with the phenomenal empowerment organization WiNGS.

Coming in 2020:  Our schedules are already filling up for 2020! Look for us throughout the Metroplex – and even nationwide. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, workshop for your staff or Women’s Organization, training for your high-potential staff (men included!), reach out at or to one of us directly.

A Spirit of Abundance           

Most exciting of all, we seen members dream big and achieve big.  To name just a few:

And so many more. Our community is full of women changing the world, building impactful businesses, and achieving greater personal success. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!

Coming in 2020: Even more opportunities to plug in! Stay tuned for more information on new programming, events, and talks.

We’re so excited to welcome a new decade – and are honored to have you with us on this journey. Thank you for all your continued support. Thank you for sticking with this mission, especially when it’s hard. Thank you for believing that women are good for business, and that business should be good for women. Here’s to a successful and fruitful 2020.


Tanis Cornell and Jennifer Carter