While uncertainty reigns and crisis rolls on, now’s the time to come together and help where we can. Mr. Rogers says to “look for the helpers.” We should also be the helpers. EWF is based in DFW, and we wanted to provide ways for the local community to help locally owned, hard-hit DFW businesses during this time of turmoil.

Support local DFW businesses by buying gift certificates, vouchers, products online, ordering take out or delivery, or using their services in a new way. Here’s a list of local establishments to help support – and the owners behind those businesses.

Check back often – we’re adding new ones all the time. This is by no means a definitive list. If you have a suggestion for one to add, reach out. We’ll be updating this list periodically.

Order Online – Gift certificates, packaged goods, delivery, pickup

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Bakeries, Candy Shops, and other Food Shops


Call or order online for gift certificates, vouchers and merch

Support event companies – gift certificates, new services, vouchers: