Support, Development and Communities for Women in Executive Leadership

Make the right investments to drive results

EWF is designed to help women executives invest in their own careers while developing tomorrow’s leaders. The result? Better performance all around.

From carefully curated peer advisory forums to proven leadership development, EWF helps busy females in executive leadership roles get the support, perspectives, and insight they need to push themselves – and their teams – to new heights.


peer advisory forums for women in executive leadership roles - peer groups for female executives

Peer advisory forums with like-minded women in executive leadership roles

Insightful and relaxing annual retreats to help you grow and recharge

Continuing education to sharpen your skills and keep you current

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Invest In Your Staff

Internal Leadership Development Programs

Emerging Leaders for Early- and Mid-Career Women

Personalized Coaching

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leadership development programs for women


business speakers in dallas - keynote speakers for corporate events

Lunch and Learn Events

Keynotes at Corporate Events

Panel and Training Facilitation

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“My vision and hope when I joined the Dallas Executive Forum was to engage with a group of strong women, and I’ve certainly done that. It is a women’s leadership group, but it’s not all about women’s issues. It’s about business issues.”

Julie Knecht- women in executive leadershipJulie Knecht, VP, Global Financial Reporting, Texas Instruments, Executive Forum member

“The Peer Advisory Group is a place where you can share your successes – and you can also share your failures. It’s a wonderful forum for women executives and professionals to learn, share, and grow. We can be successful together.”

navolia bryant - dallas women executivesNavolia Bryant, Chief People Officer, Premier Trailer Leasing, Executive Forum Member

Don’t go it alone – join other extraordinary women to build authentic relationships, access impactful resources, and make better strategic decisions.

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