EWF Licensee Opportunities

Lead a Peer Advisory Group

EWF International offers a unique opportunity for experienced executive women to create their own six figure business while operating under an established brand.

This opportunity allows you to lead peer advisory forums for women business owners and senior level executives and/or deliver rich professional development programs for public classes and corporate internal leadership programs within your geographic territory.

  • This opportunity is ideal if you have run your own business or have a broad business background as a senior executive, and believe in building, developing, and supporting women in business.

    Choosing to lead a peer advisory forum or host public or internal development programs provides an opportunity to launch a fulfilling independent business or align with your existing coaching and/or consulting business while positively impacting women leaders in your area.

  • Our Forums provide a supportive environment for members to receive insight from peers, become more intentional in their actions, and learn ways to expand their influence to become more effective leaders.

    Utilizing our proven methodology, EWF Forum Leaders make a significant contribution to their members’ lives, businesses, and careers while building a gratifying business for themselves.

  • Our EWF development programs provide existing content and tools specifically designed for women in business at all stages of their career.

    Delivering these programs creates an opportunity to become a thought leader in your area, driving real business value for corporations and individuals.

For more information on leading a peer advisory group or delivering any of our programs in your area, please contact us.

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