EWF provides actionable, engaging employee resource group strategic plans and experiences that foster supportive workplace environments, in-person, hybrid, or full-remote. Our expert speakers and facilitators help companies like yours make their ERG programming actionable, relevant, and impactful for their ERG members.

According to employee resource group statistics, 90% of Fortune 500 companies have ERGs. Yet, even now, few are prepared to handle current challenges. Well-organized ERGs bring people together around a shared identity. They provide a supportive space for diverse groups to collaborate, enhance career development, and foster a sense of belonging in the workplace.



Lunch & Learn events that fail to excite and engage the audience are never popular. Furthermore, employees may resent sessions if they feel pressure to attend or if they take place too often. Others might find excuses to avoid them altogether based on unfavorable past experiences.

EWF International’s speakers are experts at creating lunch & learn events people look forward to. We know how to engage participants through storytelling, and providing enjoyable, interactive exercises, and actionable take-away insights.

Our employee resource group toolkit covers a range of business and career navigation topics relevant and impactful for your ERG. Moreover, we are happy to develop customized content for your employee breakfast, lunch-and-learn, or 
other company event.

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Today’s targeted workshops must consider the fast-changing roles, flexible work environment, and unique challenges of the modern workplace landscape. Workshop sessions that don’t address these fluid dynamics become outmoded and niche, leaving attendees uninspired and confused.

EWF understands the importance of delivering content that aligns with your workforce and company-specific goals. It’s why we work closely with you for topic selection or help you design compelling bespoke content that engages, educates, and inspires attendees.

You can choose from our half-day, full-day, or multi-day targeted workshops; we will take care of the rest. You can trust EWF to focus on what drives the most impact in your organization.

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ERGs can only succeed when there is willing volunteer involvement. Without that, companies miss out on employees’ creative input and expertise that would otherwise contribute to organizational objectives.

Most ERGs fail when they lack clear roles, responsibilities, and structure. So, the solution is to organize and structure ERGs that appeal to employees by providing maximum engagement, variety, and impact.

Our experts know how to custom-build ERG quarterly or yearly programs that work. We can also include any type of ERG session in an event on request. That includes workshops, panel discussions, lunch-and-learns, and development days that tie into your company’s specific goals.

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