Tanis Cornell on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

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736: Tanis Cornell – Creating Professional Development for Women

“Putting your passion to work is what Tanis Cornell does. She’s the CEO of EWF International, a company committed to supporting and lifting the careers of ambitious women inspiring, motivating and educating them to get them to the executive ranks. EWF leads and facilitates peer advisory forums for women business owners and executives, provides training programs for emerging leaders, and conducts workshops and corporate training programs. Tanis held leadership positions in the IT industry with Fortune 500 and startups. Ladies, do you want to find and own your voice? Listen up. Guys, want to see the huge value of having  women on your leadership team? You should. We all know women should be running this world. Things would certainly be much better if their voices were heard even louder. Tanis gets first-hand the issues that keep women business owners and executives up at night and it’s usually us whiny men. Welcome Tanis to The Nice Guys.”

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