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About Us


Designed for women, by women – EWF International was founded in 1998.

The Executive Women’s Forum, LLC, began in 1998 and was founded by experienced group facilitators and ran independent training and consulting practices.  In their roles as small business owners and previous roles as nonprofit executive directors, they experienced the isolation common to leadership positions; in addition, they experienced the antidote of peer advisory group dynamics.

pExecutive Women’s Forum was launched in the fall of 1998, as an extension of their training and consulting practices.  The first Forum held its first meeting in January, 1999, with 10 charter members.

Having seen the breadth of the market, the founders began a second Forum in November, 1999, and a third Forum in September, 2000. In April, 2002, the company changed its name to EWF International.  We began offering franchises in 2003.

We offer support, mentoring, coaching and leadership training through Peer Advisory Groups, coaching and consulting, educational events, and speaking engagements for your women owned businesses.

We know that women business owners and female executives face different challenges than their male counterparts, which is why we only work with women.

We know that you juggle many responsibilities and that your time is precious. We know that you can’t do it all alone.

EWF International is really all about you – your goals, dreams and opportunities.



The invitation-only membership includes facilitated peer advisory forum groups for women business owners and executives.  Forums of 10-12 business owners or executives, from non-competing companies, meet to solve problems and safely discuss business and personal challenges.

Strict confidentiality assures that every member can be completely honest, knowing that what is said in the meetings, stay in the meetings.

Learn More about membership here

What do we love?

Working with female entrepreneurs and executives. Providing sound, proven business advice for female professionals. Serving as mentors and offering networking opportunities. Helping you make connections. Offering valuable educational and speaking events.

Our business wasn’t designed around canned curriculum. It was built around your real-world needs and challenges. Around allowing you to hold yourself and your peers accountable. Around confidentiality.

Take a look at what you get with EWF or contact us for more info.